Wildfire Management
We offer the latest, most effective method of fire detection in the industry.
  • Precise targeting 

  • Automatic detection and location

  • Immediate delivery on landing

  • Actionable fire line maps

  • Individual fire/hot spot alerts

  • Faster and higher resolution than any other alternative

  • Cost effective and efficient


Simultaneous RGB colour, NIR & LWIR

Nadir-oriented roll-tilt stabilized gimbal

Automatic step-stare image collection

Real time onboard image processing

Live user interface & onboard storage


Wide-area high-res map generation

Real time automated fireline mapping

Land monitoring & change detection

Vision-based navigation & SLAM

Custom AI-based small target search

Early Stage Assessment
  • Fire locations and relative size

  • Terrain and forest condition

Fully Developed Fire

  • Fire location and relative size

  • Real time delivery of coordinates and fire map

  • Precise targeting of resources

Individual fire/hot spot alerts
  • Geo tagged hot spots in real time.
  • I.D. hot spots before they become full fires
Ground Cover Using NDVI Imagery
Relative Plant Health
  • Green = Healthy Plants

  • Blue = Stressed Plants

  • Red = Hot, Dry Conditions

  • Yellow = Bare Earth

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