The most advanced aerial imagery technology for effective and efficient pipeline, compressor station or well inspections.
A new era in pipeline right-of-way inspection is here!
Pipeline right-of-ways can now be inspected by fixed wing aircraft from Precision Vectors Aerial Inc. with the same high resolution as drones. 
Additionally, our aircraft can cover significantly more area than drones or helicopters (> 10,000 acres per hour).
Well Inspections
High resolution images in Orthomosaic, Togographical, NDVI or Thermal imagery at 5 cm - 30 cm / pixel resolution will reveal the state of the well site or well cap, pre or post remediation.
Compressor Station Image

Orthomosaic 7 cm / pixel resolution provides a clear image of the pipeline structures taken at 90 mph.

Orthomosaic Imagery
  • Each pixel is geo-tagged

  • For 6 cm GSD

    • Horizontal accuracy +/- 12 cm

  • Vertical accuracy +/- 18 cm

  • Imagery delivered in multiple formats

  • TIF, KMZ, JPEG, etc


  • Assessment of vegetation encroaching on ROW, compressor station or well site.

  • Delineation of forest areas under stress due to potential leak.

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