Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture
We provide high resolution aerial imagery for large acreages with rapid turnaround for efficient and informed decision making.
Check This Out...
  • Our images are over 3,600 times higher resolution than satellites.   

  • We have up to 50,000 times the coverage per day compared to drones.

  • Ultra high resolution from 5 cm to 30 cm from fixed wing aircraft!

  • We can provide NDVI, Orthomosaic, Topographic and Thermal imagery.

  • We never sell your farm data to anyone but you!

NDVI Image

Irrigated Field

Irrigated field with a few areas of concern showing in yellow. 

Zoomed Image

Area Of Concern

Yellow areas of the field are quickly identified as requiring attention. 

New Mapping App

Our high resolution imagery is available on your Apple / PC computer. 


You can now use your Android / IOS tablet or smart phone to take your imagery to the field with you with Global Mapper. 


Our high resolution sensor is the latest state-of-the art technology mounted to a fixed wing aircraft to cover large acreages with accuracy and efficiently. 

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